Government Departments Accepting e-Payment Facility
  1. Finance Department   (FD)
  2. Department of Taxes   (TAX)
  3. Department of Agriculture   (AGRI)
  4. Public Works Department (PWD)   (PWD)
  5. Public Health Engineering Department (PHED)   (PHED)
  6. Water Resource Department   (WRD)
  7. Revenue Department   (REV)
  8. Department of Labour   (LABOUR)
  9. Health Department   (MED)
  10. Trade Commerce and Industries Department   (TRADE)
  11. Transport Department   (TRANS)
  12. Weights and Measures Department   (WEIG)
  13. Forest Department   (FOREST)
  14. Arts and Culture   (ART)
  15. Department of Cooperation   (COOP)
  16. Home Department   (HOME)
  17. Education (S)   (EDU-S)
  18. High Court   (COURT)
  19. Election Department   (ELEC)